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Over 20 Years Proven Experience

Global Exchange was founded in 1994 to provide foreign exchange and international payments for businesses. This included international payments and receivables for businesses, law firms and back-office foreign exchange for small financial institutions. Through the years, Global Exchange has transformed itself from a foreign exchange trading business, into a foreign exchange and international payment solutions company. The Global Exchange team has consistently delivered the best customer service in the industry, as well as customized services that work within a businesses' current infrastructure.

In 2012, Global Exchange made the transition to partner with Cambridge Mercantile Group; a foreign exchange company with 20 plus years of industry experience. Together, with a combined 40 plus years in the industry and a focus on many of the same verticals, Global Exchange and Cambridge Mercantile look to continue on the same path of growth and client satisfaction.

1994 - Global Exchange Founded
1998 - Global Exchange partners with Thomson Reuters
2001 - Global Exchange partners with Aderant
2006 - Global Exchanged partnered with Fulton Bank, N.A.
2012 - Global Exchange merged with Cambridge Mercantile
2013 - Global Exchange adds Check Elimination, powered by Vendorin
"I think your customer service team and response time to all our crazy requests is one of the best that I have ever experienced... and I really appreciate all you do for us. Thank you!" Controller, Law Firm;
Detroit, Michigan