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Learn how to automate the AP process to be in the best-in-class.

Has your organization made the switch from a manual paper-based accounts payable process to an electronic automated process? If the answer is ‘no’, then here is some food for thought:

The difference between the Best in Class versus those still processing manually is a cost/invoice of $4 as compared to a cost/invoice range of $9.60 to $23.30. Automated electronic AP Processing represents an available savings of $56,000 or more to process 10,000 invoices*. Did we get your attention?

Learn this, and more, in our complimentary white paper, “Automating Accounts Payable: Leaving the Paper Jam Behind.” You’ll also discover:

  • What else your organization will gain by implementing automated AP
  • How to select the right automation approach for your firm
  • How much time and cost real customers have saved as a result of making the switch

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*[SOURCE] (2013) Aberdeen e-Payables survey

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