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OneSTEP Invoice Payment Automation

Simplify your payment process

Invoice payments are a reality for any business, but don't let payment processing be a drain on your resources. OneSTEP is a direct invoice payment processing solution that validates the information as it's collected, converts currency, and helps your business manage the risk of exchange rate fluctuations. You take care of the first step when you send us the invoice, we take care of the rest.

OneSTEP can help you boost your productivity by simplifying foreign vendor payments and streamlining the compliance and approval routings process.

Process Workflow

Our flexible and customizable global payment solution saves time by processing payment information directly from original documents while our real-time exchange rates and service fees help you control costs.

Exchange rate guarantee

Reduce the risk of currency fluctuation hurting your business

OneSTEP can help you manage your foreign exchange risk with integrated hedging on the invoice level. The solution enables you to lock-in a guaranteed exchange rate and complete your payment at a later time.

Manage invoices

Automatically process essential invoice information directly from any file format, manage vendor profiles and layer in real-time currency rate protection

Enhanced data delivery capabilities

Systematically extract payment data directly from invoices, map and transfer files, validate and integrate data, and reconcile payments

Seamless integration and data delivery

Create processing and automated information exchange into your existing workflow, breaking silos between your financial and accounting departments and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems

Additional features:

  • Direct Invoice Processing
  • Safe global payment network
  • Customizable dashboard and reporting tools
  • Efficient vendor notification
  • Dedicated account management
  • Competitive fees and exchange rate margin spreads