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Premier Payment Solutions

Whether you are performing simple international payments or looking to fully integrate your invoice-to-payment process, we have the scalable payment portfolio to meet your needs. At Global Exchange, we convert your time-consuming international payment process into an automated solution.

We use strong measures to safeguard the integrity of our platform for global payments and online communications. We also offer an operational center utilizing numerous levels of physical, logistical and software security controls to help protect our hosting infrastructure. As a member of the SWIFT interbank network, we have the resources to complete your payment to almost any market.

OneSTEP Invoice Automation
Manage currency risk and
automate your invoicing

Virtual Cards
Eliminate checks and
streamline your workflow



  • Control costs and streamline workflows
  • Integrate hedging as a way to manage currency fluctuation risks
  • Leverage flexible FX credit solutions
  • Break free from long-term-commitments, depository requirements, and annual fees
  • Provide remittance transparency for vendors
  • Reduce fraud risks