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EnhancedFX™ Overview

Risk Free, flexible global payment solutions.


EnhancedFX™ Overview

Doing business globally can mean significant challenges, including additional costs, time, payment errors, and currency fluctuations. With our 20 plus years of experience, Global Exchange overcomes these challenges, minimizing foreign exchange risk, with flexible and customizable global payment solutions.

We offer:

  • Accounts Payable Global Exchange's international accounts payable solutions enable you to outsource payables for everything international. This includes full data extraction, real-time exchange rates and seamless integration into a billing ERP system all while executing international payments safely and securely through our global payment network.
  • Risk Management and Remittance Global Exchange's bank and workflow solutions give you access, through a single point, to various international systems to facilitate payments worldwide. We offer competitive exchange rates and service fees, and staff who are experts in timing and valuation of foreign exchange trading.
  • OneSTEPSM Solution Support the need for enhanced compliance, approval routings, and varying workflow environments typical for any size organization. We've built in customization features for seamless international payment processing that reduces errors, risk and improves control.


EnhancedFX™ Highlights

  • Manage invoices by automatically processing key invoice information (electronic or paper) directly from foreign invoices, while managing vendor profiles. The process is routed through the organization's existing workflow, while providing flexibility to gather analysis as needed.
  • Seamless integration & data delivery enables fully integrated workflow, financial, accounting, or ERP systems into processing and automated information exchange.
  • Data delivery capabilities include: Extracting payment data directly from invoices; File transfer and file mapping; Data validation and integration; Invoice imaging; Reconciliation


Standard Processing Procedures

Global Exchange offers a range of standard processing solutions which result in an improved and cost-effective foreign exchange and international business payment process.


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